Teaching during quarantine measures


From April 6 we are starting online lessons of Biophysics and PhMA using ZOOM. Classes will be held according to your schedule. Please, create in WhatsApp group and invite me (+380677173666) and all your classmates. I`ll use this chat to provide you with link to our ZOOM lessons. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best wishes 

Dr. Ihor Krasovskyi (your lecturer)


Dear students! If you have any questions about the learning material, please contact your teacher, adding topic in a forum on distance learning site or writing e-mail to physics@nuph.edu.ua. You can also send completed tasks to e-mail. In the “Subject” field enter your full name (required), the group number (required), the teacher’s name (optional). See the “Comments” file for more detailed instructions.

How to work with distance learning site

DisciplineEducational programLessons
Biophysics, Physical Methods of AnalysisPharmacy (for foreign students)Comments and how to
Lecture #3 25.03.2020
Practical lesson #3 (16.03.2020-27.03.2020)
Lecture #4 08.04.2020
Practical lesson #4 (30.03.2020-10.04.2020)
Lecture #5 22.04.2020
Practical lesson #5 (13.04.2020-24.04.2020)
Lecture #6 06.05.2020
Practical lesson #6 (27.04.2020-08.05.2020)
Lecture #7 20.05.2020
Practical lesson #7 (11.05.2020-22.05.2020)
The final paper on biophysics of biological membranes topic
Lecture #8 03.06.2020
Practical lesson #8 (25.05.2020-05.06.2020)
Lecture #9 17.06.2020
Practical lesson #9 (08.06.2020-19.06.2020)
Lecture #10 01.07.2020
Practical lesson #10 (22.06.2020-03.07.2020)
List of the reports topics
Distance Learning Site
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